From SurveyMonkey to Momentive: A new brand for a new era

We helped the market-leading technology company tackle a daunting rebrand and introduced Momentive to the world of enterprise.

We helped the market-leading technology company tackle a daunting rebrand and introduced Momentive to the world of enterprise.


A need for transformation.

After two decades of industry-defining success, SurveyMonkey needed to reposition its brand in the enterprise market with a new identity and new B2B product suite.

A global-scale rebrand.

To transform a “simple, fun” legacy brand with significant equity, Material led all naming, brand strategy, positioning, and digital initiatives to relaunch SurveyMonkey as an enterprise powerhouse. The solution: Momentive.

A category-defining legacy brand.

Since its founding more than twenty years ago, SurveyMonkey has been a global leader in survey software; in fact, they pioneered the category. Enabling users to easily create surveys, quizzes, and polls for any audience, the SurveyMonkey platform became a go-to for teams and brands of all kinds. Yet when the company sought to launch a business-to-business product suite, they realized the brand equity they’d worked so hard to build over two decades would be a roadblock, not an advantage.

An insights-driven positioning strategy.

Using its own tools to survey more than 21,000 people in seven countries, SurveyMonkey found that users rated the company’s personality as “simple,” “helpful,” and “fun” — positive attributes, but not the right ones to differentiate an emerging enterprise technology built around AI and machine learning. Additionally, the company learned that users felt SurveyMonkey was as popular as Google or Salesforce — but didn’t associate the brand with enterprise software.

Given these insights, the answer was clear: create a new identity for the company’s B2B offerings — while keeping the beloved SurveyMonkey brand name for the freemium, self-service survey solutions. GetFeedback, the company’s third product brand, will remain as the anchor for their customer experience-focused offerings.

The birth of a new enterprise brand.

To expand its credibility in the market, SurveyMonkey partnered with Material to launch its enterprise business under a new identity — one that would also serve as the company’s new corporate-level brand. The Material team led development of the naming, strategy, messaging, and visual identity, as well as the design and launch of a dynamic new website.

The new name — Momentive — puts a stake in the ground that declares the future of the company is in the enterprise. “The name is a nod to momentum, movement, and to motion,” said Leela Srinivasan, the company’s CMO. “[It] speaks to the dynamism that our customers need to bring to the table in order to make decisions with confidence, and also to make decisions they know are the right decisions.”

Momentive is positioned as a leader in agile experience management, delivering purpose-built business solutions that bring together “the power of people and technology” to redefine AI. Even the design of the logo reflects this marriage, with a warm yellow and a cool blue overlapping to form a shade of green that represents the space where humanity and AI meet.


On June 15th, 2021, Momentive officially changed the brand’s Nasdaq ticker name to MNTV — the culmination of their transformation process. Today, Momentive products empower decision-makers at 345,000 organizations worldwide to shape exceptional experiences.

Material is proud to play such a pivotal role in the development of the Momentive brand and a transformative new era for the company.

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