Cruising to double-digit guest satisfaction

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean needed to quickly improve customer service and increase guest satisfaction, so the company brought Material on board to create and implement new training programs that would facilitate seamless processes. 

We wanted to empower employees to quickly resolve guest issues on first contact, so we worked onboard with a dozen focus groups of crew members, managers, and senior staff. Our observational research and one-on-one interviews enabled us to create a problem resolution program that encouraged every crew member to take ownership of guest issues. All managers received training, and the program was disseminated to over 40,000 crew members around the world.

Our first-contact, science-based problem resolution program resulted in a dramatic reduction of complaints and improved guest services onboard and shoreside. We enabled Royal Caribbean to build experiences their customers love: fleetwide, average GOLD Anchor Quality Review scores experienced double-digit growth.

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