Liquid Death


Bringing Segmentation to Life to Fuel Growth for Liquid Death

Seeking to supercharge its already impressive growth, Liquid Death – the healthy beverage company that launched with the tagline “murder your thirst” – wanted to deepen its understanding of current and prospective customers across the consumer landscape. They knew a deeper, more nuanced understanding of packaged beverage drinkers would enable more creative, effective communications and sales strategies to build transformational relationships with their target audiences.
The company approached Material to perform a market segmentation that would differentiate Liquid Death drinkers by behavioral and attitudinal factors, then prioritize segments based on economic opportunity and capturability.
  • Led in-depth interviews with Liquid Death stakeholders to align on the brand’s needs and the segmentation approach that would best serve them

  • Conducted quantitative segmentation research to assess the packaged water category, including a survey of 1,000 relevant consumers

  • Defined five key segments of the packaged water market by personality, lifestyle, behavioral and cultural traits and other differentiators

  • Used Implicit Identity Mapping® to assess the extent to which Liquid Death is a part of consumers’ identities

  • Created an opportunity analysis framework that quantified each segment’s economic potential and capturability, informing recommendations for how to prioritize these segments in future marketing efforts

  • Led an activation workshop to introduce the segments to the wider Liquid Death team and define opportunities for strategic activations

Material identified five key segments and provided a detailed analysis of the needs, wants and behaviors of each. With a clear, overarching picture of both current and potential customers and each segments’ priorities – which included social responsibility, lifestyle, culture and price – Liquid Death was empowered to communicate effectively with the three most promising groups, preparing the brand for the next stage in its disruptive growth journey.

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