Driving Customer-Centricity through An Enterprise-Wide Measurement Program

Rent-A-Center, a lease-to-own retail company with more than 2,400 stores in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Mexico, offers flexible payment options that enable customers to afford big-ticket items like furniture, smartphones and appliances. To measure the customer experience throughout the leasing journey, Rent-A-Center needed a powerful solution that could capture in-the-moment omnichannel feedback. The company licensed Medallia software to accomplish this goal and engaged Material as their professional services partner to ensure the software delivered on strategic priorities.
  • Designed, built and configured Medallia Experience Cloud, Medallia Digital and AI-powered Text Analytics to capture feedback across different customer touchpoints

  • Enabled mobile integration to empower employees to respond to feedback directly from their phones

  • Partnered with Rent-A-Center to launch two Employee Experience (EX) programs to better understand the impact of EX on Customer Experience

  • Configured Medallia functionality to ensure Rent-A-Center can close-the-loop with employees in the same way they do with customers

After Material led the implementation and ongoing servicing of Medallia’s platform, Rent-A-Center was able to translate customer comments into insights in real time, close the loop with at-risk customers, identify coaching opportunities for coworkers in stores and experiment with innovative pilots in physical stores via A/B tests. Rent-A-Center is also prioritizing the employee experience, encouraging store managers to act on coworker feedback. Rent-A-Center’s overall Net Promoter Score (NPS) grew 54% and customer growth increased by an average of 20% per store. Top performing NPS stores are now outperforming low performers by 28% in year-over-year sales growth, helping Rent-A-Center tie financial performance to customer experience and react swiftly to customer concerns.

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