Omni Hotels & Resorts


Empowering Employees to Deliver a Memorable Experience: How Omni Hotels & Resorts Grew Customer Loyalty

With more than 23,000 associates, Omni, like many service brands that experienced workforce shifts during the pandemic, needed to train new employees to deliver its vision of an elevated luxury experience. Omni knew that galvanizing a workforce around a CX strategy is as important as the strategy itself, and rightly viewed employee education as key to adoption. It approached Material to review and overhaul its learning curriculum, with the goal of designing engaging and informative training materials that would inspire employees to help grow customer loyalty.
  • Reimagined and streamlined previous training materials to prioritize employee engagement and interactivity

  • Piloted each module of the new training guide with select associates and members of the Omni leadership team

  • Certified Omni trainers from across the portfolio during a week-long summit

  • Guided rollout of the new training program, which grew into a viral campaign within the organization

  • Enabled Omni to upskill thousands of guest-facing associates over an additional five-month span

  • To sustain daily momentum, created supporting materials

We transformed an eight-hour PowerPoint lecture that had been delivered differently from property-to-property into a series of eight interactive modules covering topics from baseline professionalism to anticipating customer needs. To ensure a meaningful employee experience, each module wss accompanied by a detailed guide featuring supporting visual materials, instructions for simulated exercises and supplemental e-learning content. Fresh off the revamped training, employees had an impact on Omni’s reputation within less than a year – and the company saw an increase in overall guest experience scores that surpassed pre-Covid levels. In 2023, Omni shot up six spots in JD Power rankings, jumping from number nine to number three in the Overall Index while earning the number two ranking for Service Index and the number one ranking for Food & Beverage (F&B) Experience.

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