Enhancing Digital Experiences via a Hybrid CMS for 8World

8World, a MediaCorp company, is Singapore’s national media network and largest content creator. 8World creates engaging and trusted content, connects communities and inspires people. It engages with its three million+ audience in Singapore daily across four languages on its digital platforms. 8World reached out to Material because they faced significant challenges due to an outdated content management system (CMS) that provided limited control, reduced flexibility and high maintenance costs with no reusability across brands. We explored the client’s need to move to a modern CMS, reduce developer dependency, increase search capabilities and improve user engagement and content personalization via the new platform.
  • Implemented a hybrid CMS using EzContent, a Drupal distribution solution developed by Material, and added third-party integrations

  • Simplified content curation and tagging

  • Enabled faster addition of components, features and sections

  • Created a drag-and-drop user interface for easy use

  • Set up article locking for content safety

  • Added SEO-friendly modules for better search visibility

  • Provided enhanced control over advertisements

  • Enabled seamless news reading experience across devices with personalized news feeds and access to live and exclusive content

  • Provided simplified feedback sharing with the editorial team via WhatsApp and email

The revamped user experience now benefits 8World through increased user retention on web portals and mobile apps. Content editors experience a shorter publishing cycle and landing pages can be created without developer intervention using the layout builder. Readers receive push notifications for breaking news and essential stories. Content delivery is faster with reduced strain on the backend. Also, MediaCorp plans to extend the hybrid CMS capabilities to other media brands within its portfolio, improving their overall user experience. MediaCorp’s team can now provide better UX capabilities and an overall enhanced digital experience for its users.

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