State Farm


Future Proofing Customer Experience for Insurance Products

State Farm, a prominent leader in the auto and home insurance sector, recognized a dynamic landscape of evolving consumer preferences. Responding to an ever-changing environment, they embarked on a mission to leverage cutting-edge technological advancements to pioneer enhanced user experiences. Seeking to not only broaden their market presence but also prioritize driver safety, State Farm entrusted Material with the task of devising a strategic innovation blueprint.
  • Employed cutting-edge qualitative research methodologies including in-depth interviews, ethnographic studies and focus groups to meticulously analyze emerging innovations and market dynamics

  • Created a comprehensive Jobs to be Done Framework, illuminating the nuanced intricacies of consumer safety concerns and aspirations

  • Identified six areas of opportunity ripe for transformation: Data Transmission, AI integration, Human-Machine Interface optimization, Biometrics, Connected Spaces and Intelligent Applications deployment

  • Orchestrated the creation of sophisticated multi-modal experience prototypes, fostering feedback loops from both stakeholders and users

  • Assembled five cross-organizational teams, each formed to catalyze and expedite the transition towards the envisioned digital experience

Our research not only allowed for the development of a strategic blueprint but also forged an industry-redefining customer experiences for State Farm. Our prototype, the Future of Telematics app, was designed around six core pillars: onboarding, rewards, smart routes, vehicle management, family management and accident mode. This innovative framework not only elevates driver safety but also empowers State Farm customers to secure the most advantageous insurance deals available.

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