Global Cosmetics Brand


Streamlining Training Initiatives for a Global Cosmetics Brand

A renowned global Cosmetics brand with a presence in more than 150 countries has captured markets around the world with multiple brands in its portfolio. The global conglomerate reached out to Material because they wanted to leverage various types of user-generated content from their enterprise learning management system (LMS) to improve employee learning experiences and overcome inconsistencies in learning and training across their brands.
  • Developed a product data hub to provide brand knowledge to all employees and beauty advisors

  • Built a dynamic learning experience hub to provide a new digitized e-learning solution

  • Streamlined the training and evaluation processes

  • Facilitated easy onboarding of freelancers with access to the same training as permanent employees

  • Enabled improved team management and better tracking of learning and growth statistics

  • Encouraged learning participation via gamification and incentivization

  • Tailored courses and content modules for immersive training based on user preferences

By standardizing learning solutions across 14+ brands, our client could better assess employee performance, which eliminated the need for physical paperwork required for training and assessment. It reduced in-person travel costs and improved engagement among beauty advisors within the LMS. By facilitating better communication and digitizing e-learning completely, our client ensured accountability of employee training and progress.

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