To earn customer loyalty, tap into human behavior


The modern digital marketplace is fragmented, and customers are complex. To move the needle on customer lifetime value, loyalty must be more than just a program, earned through customer experience and maintained by emotional connections. Brands that tap into the science of consumer habits and identity are best positioned to deliver relevant, meaningful experiences that keep customers coming back for more. 


The power of habit
Habits drive around 40% of our behavior. By deeply understanding existing consumer habits, brands can identify opportunities to create products and experiences that reinforce or respond to them. Tap into their habits, and you’ll become more deeply embedded in your customers’ daily lives.
Explicit vs. implicit rewards
Loyalty programs fail when they overemphasize explicit rewards. The most impactful loyalty frameworks strike a balance between the explicit and the implicit – delivering tangible benefits while building long-term implicit value that forges emotional connections and integrates the brand into customer identity.
Integrated insights fuel constant learning and action
For brands to succeed in the modern consumer landscape, they must have the ability to translate data into insights, and insights into action, at the speed of business. Insights, iteration, tactical deployment and robust analytics must work hand in hand to meet the customer needs of now.
Emotional loyalty: The ultimate goal
Deep connection lays the groundwork for positive emotional experiences. Knowing the customer well means understanding what is meaningful and impactful to them, creating the opportunity for brands to elicit strong emotions. And when customers have strong positive emotions, they want to share them with the world.

Material is uniquely structured to understand customers at deeper levels and get new, loyalty-building ideas into the market, faster.

Behavioral Science Advantage
True customer centricity demands a deep understanding of the human factors behind consumer decision-making. Material’s team of behavioral scientists has decades of experience decoding the intricacies of human behavior, unlocking insights that help the world’s leading brands take their customer relationships from transactional to transformational.
Loyalty Program Design & Strategy 
We support brands with an experience-first approach from concept through design, modular build, launch and evolution. Our loyalty strategy revolves around customer-centric experiences to create stronger connections for long-term customer retention. 
Program Management & Operations 
We provide thorough program management, overseeing tech stacks, complex data systems and business rules, integrating solutions across the commerce and program experience.  
Loyalty Analytics & Measurement Services
Using an insights-led approach coupled with activation to unveil new opportunities powered with analytics, we measure how and why people behave and provide prescriptive recommendations backed by predictive analytics and forecasting.
Loyalty Marketing & Design Services 
CRM/Messaging services are integrated with our loyalty experiences and supported with strategic, award-winning work across concept creation, product design, content strategy, digital experiences and technology. 
Technology and Customer Data Services 
We are platform-agnostic and vet 100+ systems/platforms across data, loyalty, messaging, AI, commerce and mobile to ensure partners fit our clients' needs. We provide complete data management services to understand the full device graph across the loyalty ecosystem, integrating disconnected databases and crystallizing data to gain a single, actionable view of each customer.

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Material is a global strategy partner that combines deep human insights with modern technology – a proprietary science + systems approach that speeds engagement and growth for the world’s most recognizable brands and innovative companies.