Getting to Breakthrough: A Holistic Approach to Innovation Strategy



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Build towards the probable and optimize for the practical. Learn more about Material’s holistic approach to brand innovation strategy.

To achieve breakthrough innovation, you will need to go above and beyond (as well as beneath and sometimes around) what consumers say they want. You must predict the future state of the category and keep an eye out for competitors, all while managing continuous marketplace and cultural disruption.

It can be tempting to start and stop by identifying consumer needs and developing a strategy to solve for them; but as strategic consulting partners to many well-known brands, we at Material know that approach is unlikely to succeed.

Most consumers don’t know the assets at a brand’s disposal, can’t predict the future or a given category, or haven’t yet heard of emergent competitors; so why leave it up to them to anticipate, let alone predict, the future of your business?

Innovate your approach to innovation strategy, reap the benefits

Material’s innovation consulting practice uses a holistic approach to gather objective evidence of success. Robust and unique consumer insights are critical, but we also look across culture, competitors, category shifts, and your company’s strengths and assets to develop a well-rounded innovation strategy that identifies possible futures and highlights those that represent opportunities where we can build meaningful business.

Our technique has a proven track record of excellence, so we’ve offered an overview of it in a free guide. We’ve also included a framework for you to consider as you stretch your ideas and teams towards your long-term vision.

What you’ll learn

  • Methods we use to anticipate future consumer needs and marketplace opportunities,
  • The role desirability, feasibility, and viability plays in your brand’s future success,
  • Outcomes we’ve driven in partnership with brand teams focused on breakthrough innovation, and more!