Future of...Research

Inform and inspire an innovation roadmap leveraging analysis of the context and trends impacting your category from a sociological, technological, economic, environmental and political perspective.

The competitor and customer landscape is constantly evolving, with macro trends and technological changes impacting how you go to market, what customers want to buy, and how they will buy and use it.

We use the STEEP Framework to surface relevant forces from a 360-degree perspective (including sociological, technological, economic, environmental and political angles) to provide a holistic picture of potential changes and likely challenges and opportunities.

Key benefits of Future of… Research include:

  • Better understanding of the current state and likely future states
  • Reduced risk of being caught flat footed by competitive or market moves
  • Head start on developing innovative solutions before competitors


  • Online Anthropology

    Analysis of all publicly accessible online comments about the category with a focus on uncovering pain points, motivations, trends and potential whitespace.

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  • Cultural Foresight

    Use semiotics, ethnography and cultural landscaping to review the category and its adjacencies to identify the key themes and emerging trends driving evolution of your environment.

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  • Expert Panels or In-depth Interviews (IDIs)

    Talk to leaders in related fields to find out where they see their markets headed, gaining insight into ways those adjacent shifts may impact your own category.

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