Delivering impactful, low code/no code site-building experiences using Acquia

Srijan, a Material Company, partnered with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to redesign its 200+ corporate websites and relaunch its global site in three languages.

Srijan, a Material Company, partnered with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to redesign its 200+ corporate websites and relaunch its global site in three languages.

United Nations Development Programme


UNDP — which was established in 1965 and works in 170 countries and territories to eradicate poverty while protecting the planet needed to improve the user experience for its content teams, improve overall performance, make its global website more responsive and scalable, and relaunch its main site in English, French, and Spanish.


We implemented a frictionless, no-code drag and drop system that enabled editors to easily update content and create new pages. Acquia Site Factory allowed digital teams to seamlessly build and maintain global sites as well as manage custom micro-sites. 


Content rollout is now much more efficient across UNDP websites and microsites, resulting in an excellent user experience for the organization’s global content teams — and ultimately, for their worldwide audience as well.

Using Acquia to tackle multi-site issues   

UNDP (headquartered in New York City) has hundreds of corporate websites featuring a wide range of content for diverse audiences, and we needed to migrate 200+ websites with over 30K multilingual pages. UNDP’s digital teams faced innumerable challenges, including the inability to modify and update content in real-time or share and localize content. There was no scalable, flexible, and responsive content management system. Developers faced challenges such as a lack of reusable components and difficulty in onboarding new sites in the existing infrastructure.

Expanding functionality and improving the user experience

Our team got to work quickly to ensure all of UNDP’s sites delivered an optimal editorial experience that would benefit website admins, content creators, and content consumers.  

  • For website admin & IT teams: We built a centralized hosting solution to manage all of UNDP’s digital properties from a single interface. We added reusable components to enable low-code/no-code development of content pages. (No developer needed!) 
  • For content editors & creators: We added drag and drop features to help teams create landing pages efficiently, as well as features to allow editing in real-time. Streamlined content management & delivery has facilitated a faster publishing cycle, with content sharing and localization capabilities driving collaboration and consistency across the websites. 
  • For content consumers: Website users now enjoy a consistent experience across all of UNDP’s sites. Advanced search capabilities allow users to receive answers 200x faster.   

Overall, we’re proud to have delivered a vastly improved experience for UNDP, enabling its content creators to more efficiently spread the word about the organization’s vital mission.

And for those curious about the tech, here’s a little more detail: We improved UNDP’s Drupal 9/Acquia CMS and Cloud Site Factory experience and component-based implementation using Site Studio. We built an integrated platform on a single-code base architecture in the Acquia environment, with Drupal CMS as the base. Acquia Site Factory was leveraged to make multi-site and microsite deployments on the unified platform easier. Acquia Site Studio enabled seamless real-time content changes and updates and Acquia Search provided faster search results.

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