Behavioral Science Consulting

Behavioral Science is concerned with understanding the drivers of human behavior - conscious and unconscious - to explain why we do what we do. 

Key Benefits

  • Understand the less conscious and why people do one thing but say another.

  • Use behavioral science informed tools and techniques to better replicate consumer decision-making in a survey environment.

  • Shape strategy that changes consumer behavior by relying on the well-established fundamentals of how humans think and act.

How We Do It

Humans are mystifying creatures. People don’t always do what they say they’re going to do, and don’t always act in their best interests. They don’t save enough for the future, they eat copious amounts of meat even if they know it’s bad for them and the environment, and they may donate to a cause they don’t feel strongly about because they were caught off guard by a solicitor on the street.

Our Material behavioral science incorporates a variety of disciplines including social  and cognitive psychology, neuroscience, sociology, behavioral economics and anthropology into our insights and applications. We develop frameworks, solutions and tools built on fundamental scientific principles for predicting and influencing behavior. These resources, built on academic research, help identify future needs and center products and services in customers’ lives by taking a human-first perspective on brand strategy. Our science principles focus on the impacts of emotion, identity, habit, memory, motivation and culture.

The use cases for Behavioral Science are vast and examples include:

  • Building relevant brands and messaging that captures attention and drives impact
  • Creating effective. habit building loyalty programs
  • Engaging employees

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