Powering Progress: Developing a Social-First Strategy to Reach Reliant’s Diverse Audiences

The electricity provider Reliant, which has deep Texas roots and a Texas-sized commitment to serving its customers, approached Material for help adapting its social media strategy to reach both English and Spanish speakers in a competitive and fast-changing energy landscape. Our goal was to develop a nuanced, creative plan that would effectively reach diverse populations, ensure Reliant could meet multiple KPI objectives and help drive funnel development.
  • Continually tested messaging and social platforms to reach new prospects and lapsed customers in English and Spanish-speaking markets, adjusting creative in real time to improve performance

  • Directed traffic to targeted landing pages to drive plan signups

  • Retargeted site visitors and engaged social audiences to build the path to conversion

  • Built sense of community through Reliant Gives, which supports local communities through volunteerism, charitable giving and partnerships with a variety of organizations

  • Promoted key sports sponsorships with teams including the Houston Texans, the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Rodeo and offered plans to entice those fans

Material worked closely with Reliant to develop a flexible, social-first strategy that enabled the company to identify ways to expand its reach, hit untapped audiences and create consistent value. Reliant’s initial social media investment yielded impressive results from 2019 to 2021, with a 2.8x return on advertising spend, 181% ROI, 50M video views, 260M impressions, 590k landing page views and 253k service queries.

We demonstrated that you can successfully drive sign-ups and conversion from social, proving the worth of this channel in driving ROI and empowering Texans to enjoy affordable energy plans.

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