Segment Socialization & Activation

Boost organizational customer-centricity and ROMI simultaneously by building custom audiences or identifying existing ones to enable targeted communications to likely category buyers who look most like your priority market segments.

Boost customer centricity in your organization by getting diverse stakeholders to understand and embrace your target segments and how they differ from non-targets. Use these new mindsets to drive decision-making through the lens of priority target segments’ needs, wants and behaviors. 

Boost ROMI by delivering segment-specific messages to likely members of your priority segments. 

Segmentation Socialization & Activation helps you: 

  • Focus your efforts where they are most likely to succeed 
  • Go beyond mass market media buys and generic messages 
  • Target communications to segments most likely to resonate with the customized message you send 
  • Save money and boost sales at the same time 


  • Segmentation Launch Events

    Introduce the segmentation like a major product launch, with fanfare and enough spend to break through the clutter of day-to-day business-as-usual. We will type your staff into segments and engage them in exercises to generate segment-specific ideas.

  • Maintain Salience Through Repeated Exposures

    Use videos to bring segments to life, then go at least one step further to keep targets top-of-mind over time: immersion rooms, walls or home screens plastered with personas, faux social media profiles, interactive microsites, chatbots, etc.

  • Target Segments Using Custom Audiences

    Use the segmentation typing tool to survey a robust base of target segment members so that lookalike modeling can generate a targetable digital audience of millions.

  • Target Segments via Existing Audiences

    Illuminate segments using third party audiences and propensity scores so your media team can leverage their current media buying tools to more efficiently deliver ads to priority segments.

  • Target Segments via Digital Personas

    Passively captured third party digital data about onsite and in-app behaviors allows us to tell your media team when, where and how they can reach target segments.

  • Target Segments via Third Party Transactions Data

    Segments defined by their buying behavior can be targeted through the same platforms that collect these behaviors. This approach is best for low involvement CPG brands.

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