Market & Customer Insights

Our robust toolbox of market and customer research data collection approaches and analytical methods brings clients insights that solve business problems ranging from tactical decisions to core growth challenges and opportunities.

Key Benefits

  • Since we insist on deeply understanding the business outcomes clients are looking for, we design and scope the research to meet tangible objectives not just “research questions”.

  • Through the application of mixed methods, data science and behavioral science, we go deep to reveal what really matters and what it all really means.

  • We produce actionable insights and package them in a way that gets them put to work by your organization, leveraging storytelling, interactive deliverables and collaborative workshops where appropriate.

How We Do It

Across marketing and data science, quantitative and qualitative methodologies, we address every dimension of customer experience, brand relevance, and product and marketing strategy and tactics to reduce risk and drive growth.

Our methods involve a science-based approach to deep human understanding, a test and iterate approach to design, and analytics-driven prediction and optimization. We take an ecosystem view of people’s experiences and influences, understanding them in context, to illuminate what’s important in relationship to what’s interconnected.  We deliver results in formats tailored to your organization and each audience’s learning styles and preferences, relying on our expertise in storytelling, videography, interactive microsites, democratized dashboards, and stakeholder workshops.

Related Offerings & Services

  • Segmentation

    The art and science of identifying, profiling and targeting actionable groups of customers who can drive higher return on investment, segmentation informs personalized marketing, product development and other activation initiatives for priority targets.

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  • Brand Equity and Positioning Research

    Understand competitive brand differentiation from the consumer point of view, in context of what drives purchase or preference. Identify ownable white space and potential new categories.

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  • Optimizing Products, Portfolios & Value Propositions

    Leverage sophisticated modeling methods to identify the combinations of features, benefits or claims that will perform best in a competitive market.

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  • Pricing & Promotions Research

    Leverage sophisticated modeling or simple behavioral science principles to identify the price point, pricing strategy or promotion tactics that can best achieve revenue or share-gain goals.

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  • Future of…. Research

    Inform and inspire an innovation roadmap with comprehensive review of the context and trends that impact a category from sociological, technological, economic, environmental and political perspectives) using a combination of social listening, expert interviews and competitive intelligence.

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  • Qualitative Insights

    Unstructured, in-depth conversations and observations of groups or individuals deliver deeper understanding into the motivations and benefits associated with category usage and brand choice.

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  • Audience Analytics

    Third-party data integration, behavioral illumination, look-a-like modeling and targeting prioritization build on insights to create opportunities to build custom audiences, grow share and enter new markets.

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  • Descriptive and Predictive Modeling

    We model behavioral and self-reported survey data, together or separately, to understand what drives performance or predicts key outcomes.

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  • Communications Measurement

    We evaluate messaging and execution at every stage of development to help optimize communications and then measure and maximize impact in-market.

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