Chuck E. Cheese


Reintroducing a Brand for People of all Ages Who Want to be a Kid

Material created a brand refresh to reignite the iconic Chuck E. Cheese family entertainment experience. Our work appealed to today’s families who love spending time and having fun together. The newer, better, now Chuck E. Cheese experience was all that—and more. Material created new brand and performance campaigns, vibrant and engaging paid and organic social media, and seamless integration with digital platforms. We put a bright spotlight on the joy of family time at Chuck E. Cheese in a native, social-first way.
  • Created 360 campaigns at brand and performance levels that appealed to kids and parents who remembered the fun times they had at Chuck E. Cheese.

  • Launched the “Awesome Then. Newer Better Now” campaign to shift brand perceptions with millennial parents, showcasing new games, new food, and new experiences through playful child-parent dialog and bright cinematography.

  • Introduced Chuck E. Cheese wedding packages on April Fool’s Day 2023, generating viral buzz with 19.5MM impressions, 2MM engagements, and a 10.2% engagement rate without paid reach.

  • Made birthdays at Chuck E. Cheese even better with a refreshed birthday party booking website, CRM, and integrated campaign to help families create unforgettable birthday memories with ease.

Transformed Chuck E. Cheese’s social media content, increasing impressions by 93%, engagements by 168%, and engagement rate by 39%. 


Built an online community of loyal fans, increasing net audience growth by 1,498% and fostering positive sentiment through engaging videos, real stories, and trend-participating posts.


Engaged social followers with community management through fresh content strategy and direct interaction to create positive brand perception and relationships.


Analyzed data and performance to tailor organic content to more effectively increase engagement with audiences and amplify the reach of each post.

Substantially increased birthday bookings and revenue through a fully integrated approach to advertising, CRM outreach, and streamlined online booking.




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