When it comes to innovation, we’re in the business of sustainable value creation

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It happens frequently: an innovator is confident that a product or service will be the next big thing, but it turns out to be a commercial flop. It’s frustrating, especially when there’s been significant investment behind the launch.  
So why is failure so common? It’s impossible to achieve sustainability without three key elements: a deep knowledge of the market, technical feasibility, and a market-viable value proposition. 

Our Approach:

We examine innovation through three critical lenses. First, we’ll learn what your customers want. We have decades of insights and analytics expertise and have helped many leading brands achieve a deeper understanding of their consumers’ emotions, needs, motivations, and habits.

Next, we’ll study your company’s business model, technology, and operations to assess your capacity to support new digital products and experiences.

Finally, we’ll take a sneak peek at the future. Behavioral science propels our design and engineering capabilities, enabling us to anticipate how cultural forces will shape your brand’s future, how your customers will engage — and how we can keep them engaged going forward.

Customer needs evolve at lightening speeds these days, and it can be tough to keep up. But we’re equipped to meet the challenges. At Material, we learn and make in unison — so you can be sure that your digital innovations will always hit the mark.

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